‘Why am I not loosing weight’?

Im training 4 times per week, I eat very well and I sweat in my workouts, but im still not loosing any weight. Sound Familiar?

There are a lot of reasons why you may not be loosing weight, but for now, im going to focus on the most common reasons. The good news is that, once identified, you can do some thing about it.

A big reason, why people don’t get results in the gym, is lack of knowledge. Most people have no idea how to properly design a workout which is going to get them results. Simply because a workout makes you sweat, does not mean it is the right programme for you. All sweating is doing, is burning calories, but that does not mean, you will burn fat after the session, like a well programmed workout will. This is one of the reasons why the majority of people who do spinning classes, are not loosing any body fat.

Lack of patience and consistency is a big reason for people not seeing changes in their body. How you get results from resistance training, is by initially shocking the body into growing or tonning up, by over loading the muscle. In turn, this allows your muscle to adapt to the stimulus its putting on it, and it gets stronger and more toned. This normally takes 30 days to happen, which is why a programme needs to be changed every 30 days, however, if a programme is changed up too frequently, for example each gym session is a different workout, you are not giving your body enough chance to adapt and so get stronger and more toned, meaning results wont come.

Sarah picThere is a big difference between eating healthily and eating for weight loss. If you start your day with a bowl of fruit, have lots of potatoes for lunch and finish off your day with a bowl of fruit before bed, although its ‘healthy’, it’s a huge amount of sugar to be consuming and absolutely will not lead to weight loss. Initially cutting out food types like grains, and dairy, will help you lose weight, but sooner or later, you need to look at calorie consumption. Trying to loose weight but not knowing how many calories your having each day is like baking a cake and not having a clue how much of each ingredient is needed and expecting it to taste great. You need to know how many calories you are currently consuming each day. Once you’veF done this, you then subtract your total daily amount by 10-20%. This is a good starting point and then slowly build it up.

The last and by no means least reason for not getting results, is poor gut function. You loose weight from the inside out and so if your gut is not working well and if there are imbalances in your gut, then loosing weight will not happen. I will cover these in more detail, in my next blog, so please check out my next email as im sure this may be of relevance to most

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by Vinny Gough on the 12th October 2016

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