I heard of Vinny Gaugh and his “Changing Rooms” studio via a friend of mine back in April 2015. As an incredibly busy business man with a tight schedule and a very stressful traveling calendar, I never thought I could ever reach a reasonable and healthy condition until I met Vinny Gaugh and started a programme with him.

Whilst I understand that training and dieting are essential to achieve any physical goal, the first thing I learnt from Vinny was “commitment”. He strongly advised that he would not train me should I was not committed to my goals which I found both motivating and challenging itself. Such “commitment” became a life style change to me: I started eating clean; training to reach limits and goals I didn’t think were possible and finding time to rest and sleep well. All of the aforementioned as a result of a personalised package created by Vinny Gough for me. The results ? unbelievable. After 6 weeks of following Vinny’s personalised plan, I stated seeing obvious results, by dropping 8% body fat and 7 kgs which also result in a change of self consciousness about myself.

After almost a year, in my eyes, Vinny is the best motivator and trainer I have ever came across. His personality, professionalism and dedication are a powerful combination to achieve results; results that are transparent in himself (needless to say). I shall always remain grateful to Vinny who massively improved the way I look but who (most importantly) improved my quality of life and health.
-Nicolas Silva
Vice President Marketing

I trained with Vinny in Dublin twice a week for 18 months, prior to his re-location to London. During that time my weight reduced from 91KG to 79KG and body fat reduced from 23% to 15% (14% at peak). Sustained results like this are the reason I was interested in working with a PT, but they are only half the story. Vinny works exceptionally hard to keep the Programme fresh and the diet interesting. He is a complete professional, genuinely interested in and focussed on helping you to achieve your goals. Best of all, he’s great company! I highly recommend Vinny to anyone looking for a great trainer who delivers results.


I am a personal trainer junkie – I prefer to be trained by a personal trainer rather than train myself – and I have had a personal trainer everywhere I have lived – Los Angeles, San Diego, London etc. So, when I moved to Dublin I struggled to find someone that was on par with the trainers that I had in the “Big Cities”, until I found Vinny.

I stumbled across Vinny while I was eating in one of my local brunch spots and his shirt displayed his name – it was very, very clear that he was a PT. I wouldn’t usually judge a book by a cover – but you have to with PT’s – and it was very clear that Vinny took care of his physique (it still amazes me how many PT’s are out of shape – what a contradiction!). I then contacted Vinny, did a few sessions with him and I was hooked.

Of all the trainers I have had, I would rate Vinny as the best. My training sessions: (i) always started and finished on time – which is important when I have a busy life / stressful job; (ii) were 100% about me – Vinny was always motivating me, every step of the way (I have seen trainers sitting on Swiss balls looking at their I-phones while training clients or watching them do 15 minutes “warm-up” on the cross trainer/treadmill, and it makes me want to scream – “why are you wasting your time and money!!”). Vinny never, ever got distracted while training me; (iii) were tough – but tough is good when you want results (I have nicknamed him the “torture trainer”); and (iv) were prepared. My sessions would move very fluidly from one exercise to the next, no messing around with weights or trying to make up what I should do next. Vinny always knew exactly what weights I should be lifting according to the reps I was doing – so there was no time wasting.

Vinny is also very adaptable. I had two separate injuries early last year – I sprained my ankle first and after that healed I injured my shoulder (both, might I add, happened while I was training myself and not under Vinny’s instruction). However, during those times he just adapted my program and we carried on.

Also, the nutrition – the food diary, the weigh ins, the What’s App food pictures I had to send, your sleeping patterns, are all very important to Vinny and he knows how important these are to getting results and makes sure that you too make these a priority. I was afraid of carbs before I met Vinny and now I understand how important they are (when taken in the right amounts and at the right time) and how they have helped me achieve my results.

I promised my husband after my wedding in July 2015 that I would give up the personal training and save money. After the wedding, my husband said “I hope you maintain this great shape you have” and I said “I’ll try but I will never look as good as this without Vinny”. My husband then said “well, I suggest you keep Vinny then – you look great and you’re always so happy when you’re are training with him”. That’s it really, train with Vinny and you will look good and feel great.

If you don’t get results with Vinny Gough then it’s because you are not listening to him – and I can guarantee you’re are lying on your food diary!

The Torture Trainer gets results.
-Yvonne Tchrakian

I’ve been training with Vinny Gough for the past 4 months. I started with Vinny as i wanted to increase my muscle mass while getting leaner. I found Vinny’s philosophy towards training and attention to detail to be outstanding. He provided me with training programs and nutrition plans. The programs where great, they pushed me to new limits and challenged mentally and physically. The nutrition plan was brilliant, it really help me break bad eating habits. Vinny kept adjusting the nutrition plan weekly until he felt is was right for me. He continuity changed my training and nutrition plans to ensure I was getting the best results. Vinny provides great support also and is always available to answer questions and to provide encouragement. I would highly recommend training with Vinny.

I started to train with Vinny as I wanted to reduce my BodyFat, while maintaining or increasing muscle mass, Never before had I found a couch that gives as much attention and detail to diet as he does the exercise program. He kept tweaking the diet until he felt we where on the right track, the exercise programs were different to what I’ve done before as they focused on physique, these programs where hard, mentally tough, but you get results, Vinny offers great support and is very accessible for any questions you have. I’ve been training for 8 years and it’s only in the past couple of months with Vinny that I see a positive change in my body shape. I’d highly recommend training with Vinny.

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