Stop wasting your money on bad supplements you dont need

If you’re a regular gym goer, or if you are friends with any in the office, then you will have heard the word supplement thrown about quite a bit. The skinny guy sitting opposite you in the canteen may have a clatter of tablets and protein shakers surrounding him or your kitchen might be full to the brim with protein powders, shakers and many more tubs with shirtless guys on the front. Sound familiar?

Supplements are expensive. We all know that and we want to make sure were buying the right ones if were going to be investing our hard-earned money in them. We also don’t particularly want to be taking into our bodies, something that your gym locker room friend suggested or rather grunted as he walked out the door and onto the gym floor.

You want to make sure that the supplements that you’re taking into your body are;

  • The right ones that your body needs
  • From a good reputable company
  • Are going to work
  • Are not useless.

Here is a list of basic supplements that most of us need when training and looking to lose weight.

Magnesium: It improves insulin sensitivity and body composition. It also is great to take at night to help with your sleep. Athletes who take this have a better tolerance to carbs.

Zinc: Zinc is important for physical performance, energy levels and body composition. It is a great antioxidant.

Vitamin C: Great for building up immune system but when taken after a workout, it lowers cortisol levels and speeds recovery.

Vitamin D3: Prevents insulin resistance, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and helps increase muscle mass. Helps with depression. Due to that fact that even though Ireland has many great things, the weather not being one of them, we do not get enough of this Vitamin naturally so extra supplementation is needed.

Fish oils: Great anti inflammatory especially around the gut. It is a good fat that will infact help you lose body fat.

Whey protein: Due to the fact that in order for our muscles to grow and repair, we need to feed them and what they need is protein. You need to consume a lot of protein each day if you are training hard and because we can’t spend the day sitting eating food, whey protein is very important. It’s great to have after a workout and the whey goes straight into the muscles and is a lot faster than milk or egg protein.

I hope that helps some of you out. Remember, drink lots of water as you can’t loose weight if your body is thirsty and pick workouts that you enjoy and are going to stick to. Most of all have fun and enjoy loosing all that fat.

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by Vinny on the 24th November 2015

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