Satellite Program

Satellite Programme


-Learn how to exercise and eat properly to get you into the shape you want.

-Get a personalised exercise and nutrition programme, along with 3 Personal Training Sessions and online support.

-Normally €250 but for first 20 people who contact me, its just €165


Its January and most people have decided to put their partying ways of December behind them and take a look at their health more seriously. The gyms are full, and there are queue’s outside every salad and smoothie restaurant. The only problem is, this wont last.

Why will this not last? The reason is, people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to health and fitness. People have no clue about diet and nutrition. There are so many different views on both training and nutrition, available online now, that its hard to know what to do.

Some people want to put on muscle, some people want to loose fat, some want to tone up areas like their bum and thighs, others want to get more defined abs. Is their the same diet and exercise programme for each one of these goals? The answer is no.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all’ exercise and nutrition programme. Every programme for every goal is different, as is every programme for each individual.

When I walk in to a commercial gym in January, I see so many new faces. Most are motivated and really want to make an improvement to their shape and size, but have no idea what they are doing. They are not executing the movements of each exercise properly, their doing exercises that does not suit the bio mechanics of their body and they are not following a programme or tracking their progress. If you don’t have a workout programme, that is designed for you, then you can not expect to get the results you want. The same way as if you are following a programme that you have found online, but you are not executing the movements properly, contracting the right muscle group or using the correct amount of weight for that movement, then you cant expect to tone up the areas that you want.

Don’t fall into this category. This is your chance to finally make a change to how you look and feel, fit into the clothes you have always wanted, and look great this summer on the beach.

This is why I am offering 20 people, an individual workout programme and nutrition plan, along with online assistance and in house 1 on 1 help, for a reduced price.

This is whats included:

Satellite Programme




Satellite Programme


Description ·       Consultation & Body Analysis with me at my gym:  BioSignature analysis to examine where you are storing bodyfat, and how best to tackle.


·       3 x 60 Mins Training Sessions with me at my gym:  Learn how to execute the exercises correctly to make sure you can contract the correct muscle, use the right amount of weight and focus on specific areas.


·       Specialised Programme:  4-6 week custom Exercise and Nutritional programme provided for you to complete yourself in your own gym.

·       Online Software: Your very own, online page, where you can access your own programme with videos on how to do the exercise, step by step guide to the programme, which you can use as an app on your phone, and watch while you train, acting as if im their with you for every session.

·       Online Support: Constant support through email and social media for the duration of the programme

·       Special Rate for 1 on 1 coaching




The cost for all of this, is normally €250 for 4-6 weeks, but for the first 20 people that sign up, the cost is €165.

So, you get;

·       3 Personal training sessions with me at my gym

·       BioSignature and bodyfat analysis

·       Your own individual exercise programme

·       Your own Nutritional programme

·       An app on your phone with videos, explaining the workout.

·       Online support for the duration of the programme

·       Private Facebook members page, where you can interact with other members of this programme

·       Prizes for the best results, the hardest worker, and the most improved.


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