Online Training

What you get with the Online Training

  • Personalised nutrition and exercise programme to make sure you reach your goals
  • Weekly and monthly fitness and nutritional targets that you must hit.
  • List of supplements to take, based on your needs so as to take the hassle out of doing your own research.
  • Constant support through email and social media
  • Programme which is explained in depth to you so as you understand fully all exercises.
  • Special Rate for 1 on 1 coaching
  • Private Facebook for all members, to help and encourage everyone during the programme

Train with me online and let me help you get the physique you have always dreamed of

How it works:

Programmes are usually run for 4 weeks at a time depending on how well you

I require a medical & health questionnaire to be completed prior
to starting training & before photos.

Progress photos will be taken each week to make sure your on the right track along with a food diary which you must keep and email to me at the end of each day.

The results you achieve really do depend on your commitment to the programme set by both yourself and myself. As you won’t be working out with me personally, the motivation and commitment will have to come from you.

These programmes are personalized, that cater to an individual client’s goals.

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