1 on 1 private training

1 On 1 Private Training

    • Private 1 on 1 sessions for 1 hour with Vinny at a private studio in the Dublin 2 area.
    • Your own in depth and detailed BioSignature body analysis (hormonal balance test) which is then done every 2 weeks to make sure you are hitting your targets of weight loss and body composition.
    • Weekly and monthly fitness and nutritional targets that you must hit.
    • Expert knowledge and guidance with your nutrition and time is given in every session to talk privately about your food intake.
    •  Towels and other toiletries are provided for you at each session so you can get back to work straight away.


You’ll also get

    • Personalised Nutrition plan which is changed as needed
    • Personalised programme changed as needed and clients own workouts given
    • Personalised programme changed as needed and clients own workouts given
    • 24 hours WhatsApp support
    • Email support
    • Priority Booking
    • Discount from Doctor who can check blood work and stool tests.
    • Detailed supplement list depending on your blood work

There are a number of packages and single sessions to choose from. The more sessions you buy, the cheaper it works out with the most expensive option being the single session. Programmes are usually run from month to month, depending on how well you respond. I require a medical & health questionnaire to be completed prior to starting training. These programmes are personalized, that cater to an individual client’s goals. info@vinnygough.com

Where can I train?

Studio 41,
41 Fitzwilliam Place,
Dublin 2

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 5.30am – 9.00pm
Sat: 8am – 4pm
Sun: Closed

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