Why you’re not loosing weight, part 2


In my previous post, I explained some of the more obvious reasons as to why you may not be achieving your weight loss goal, despite good adherence to your food and exercise program.


However, in many cases, there is one other key factor that I, as your personal trainer and weight management consultant, must consider if you have followed all the initial guidelines.


I spent much of last year studying Functional Medicine with Dr. Fionnula McHale who many of you will know. I quickly learned that one of the main obstacles to my clients getting excellent weight loss was poor digestive health. I realised that so many of my clients were struggling to drop body fat and indeed put on muscle because their digestive system was not functioning optimally. No matter what food they ate, no matter what training program I gave them, they were not going to respond.


I became so interested in this area and since have done so much more research myself when it turned out that I had many issues with my digestive system that were holding me back from putting on muscle mass. I was eating the right diet and training as prescribed, but I seemed to only be losing muscle and getting fatter. I couldn’t understand it and became increasingly frustated but since I’ve figured out what was causing gastrointestinal issues and healing them, I’ve been making huge progress with my training: especially in terms of dropping body fat.


So, trust me when I say, I understand the frustration you may be feeling when you’re doing all the right things (suposedly) but don’t seem to be going anywhere, in fact it may seem as if you’re going backwards.


But why is gut health so important? The digestive system serves four main functions:

  1. Digestion
  2. Absorption
  3. Excretion of wastes

Imagine if I am taking in a perfect diet but my digestive system isn’t able to break food down into smaller pieces? Imagine if I’m not able to absorb that food into the blood system because the lining of the digestive system is damaged? Imagine if I’m sending all that nutritious food down the toilet? What happens if my gut flora is imbalanced which is well documented in the research to result in an inability to burn body fat despite diet and exercise?


Well, the most obvious consequence of each or all of the above is an inability to reach your health and weight loss goals. You may suffer from constipation or going to the toilet multiple times per day. You may have bloating. You may find that you can’t tolerate a variety of foods. You may have an irritable bowel around the time of your period (ladies only!).


If this sounds like you or you feel poor digestive health might be holding you back, get in touch with me today. I can develop both a diet and training program around this to help optimise your gut function as well as health and ultimately weight loss as a nice side effect. In fact, most of my clients find that once I have helped them establish good gut health, they are able to burn body fat on a much higher calories intake, which is always welcomed!


So what are you waiting for? Email me today and get started on the path to a better you!


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by Vinny Gough on the 19th October 2016

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