Is your long gym session making you fatter? Lose fat and make gains!

Get in, do the work and go!

Life is too short to spend it in the gym, 6 days a week for 90 mins to 2 hours at a time. You really don’t need to do this. Most in shape gym goers will not spend more than 45 mins per workout at a time.

When you workout for long periods of over an hour, your body starts to use its muscle as its main source of energy. What this means is that not only are you spending an unnecessary time at the gym, when you could be at home with family and friends, but your also in fact slowing down your metabolism. Your metabolism is your own bodies ability to burn bodyfat and keep you looking lean.

To keep your metabolism high so as your burning bodyfat consistently throughout the day, rather than just in the gym, you need to do workouts that get a muscle response and tone the muscle. By doing this, the foods that you eat for the next 48 hours, will all be used to repair the muscle that you’ve trained in the gym, and means that very little of it will be stored in the body as fat. Having said that, this obvioulsy only works when your diet is good and is tailored to you and what your body needs so no you cant eat pizza after the gym!

Long drawn out workouts, also raise a hormone in our bodies called cortisol. Cortisol is not good long term when we want to look good. Yes its great for while were training but when we need to relax and chill out, raised cortisol levels will be counter productive to getting you lean.

Short, sharp workouts, targeting as many muscle groups as you can, will increase your metabolism, tone your muscle, elevate growth hormone which is anti aging and rejuvinating (Bad news for expensive night creams) and allow you to have a lot more time enjoying the things you love in life like dinner with friends or going to the park with your kids.

I would recommend, not going over the 50 minute mark next time you go to the gym. Provided your rest periods are timed well, your focused and you have a well planned exercise programme, that should be no problem. Now go have fun,


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by Vinny on the 23rd November 2015

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